speclite.filters.load_filters(*names)[source] [edit on github]

Load a sequence of filters by name.

For example, to load all the sdss2010 filters:

>>> sdss = load_filters('sdss2010-*')
>>> sdss.names
['sdss2010-u', 'sdss2010-g', 'sdss2010-r', 'sdss2010-i', 'sdss2010-z']

Names are intepreted according to the following rules:

  • A canonical name of the form “<group_name>-<band_name>” loads the corresponding single standard filter response.

  • A group name with a wildcard, “<group_name>-*”, loads all the standard filters in a group, ordered by increasing effective wavelength.

  • A filename ending with the “.ecsv” extension loads a custom filter response from the specified file.

Note that custom filters must be specified individually, even if they all belong to the same group.


Variable length list of names to include. Each name must be in one of the formats described above.


An immutable FilterSequence object containing the requested filters in the order they were specified.